Tuesday 25 March 2014

Market Mashup - Lost & Found Market & Anissa Victoria's Vintage Market

The Lost & Found Market in conjunction with the Anissa Victoria's Vintage Market took over the Pallet Pavilion on Saturday (which sadly on a side note is being deconstructed next month - you can read about it here). It was a lovely autumnal day on Saturday, perfect weather for a market, and so nice to be outside, not too hot and not too cold, although the wind was a little windy at times!    I found lots of crafty things worth a mention, as you will see below there are some very creative and talented people out there, make sure you head to their pages to check them out, say hi and see anything else they might have.  Market season quietens down a little now, although there are still some events on the Market calendar which can be found here, although keep checking back as I'm sure some of this information is not 100% accurate.
Thanks to all the lovely Stallholders I met and caught up with again, letting me take photos and generally just stalking you, it was nice to chat and get inspired and 'catch' the Market bug again after having taken a sabbatical. I look forward to seeing more of your creative endeavours, so keep calm and craft on.

for the little ladies

  1. Rainy Day Pants - Michael & Maisie
  2. Bunny Softies - Baby Bird
  3. 3D Cupcake Cookie Cutter - Making It!
  4. Bookhouse - Remember When You Used To Be A Rascal
  5. Coin Purse - The Hope Tree
  6. Letter Bunting - Ameliorate Designs
  7. Little Doggies - Ameliorate Designs

for the lads

  1. Fleecy Houses Leggings - Chasing Will
  2. Suburban Flags - Remember When You Used To Be A Rascal
  3. Yellow Cross Slouch Beanie - MumMa
  4. Dino Panel - Fabric Fixation
  5. Tassel Loafer -MumMa
  6. Little Sailor Romper - Goldie Clothing

for the mums & dads

  1. Bicycle Cushion - Ameliorate Designs
  2. Vintage Shirt & Tie Bunting - R.L.S Arthouse
  3. Bunting Necklaces - Genevieve Robinson 
  4. Creepy Twins - Sh*ts about to get dainty
  5. Hungry Apology Stitch - The Queen Stitch
  6. Tangram & Tessellation Necklaces - Pandemonium
  7. Cone Cushion - Kotsu Designs

Monday 17 March 2014

Moodboard Monday - St Patty's Day

1. St Patty's Day Cake
2. Lucky Print
3. Pot of Gold
4. Irish Jar
5. Shamrock Sandwich
6. Cupcake

Tuesday 11 March 2014

tutes cute tuesday - Arm Knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 minutes

Today's tutorial comes courtesy of Handimania on how to make an Infinity Scarf in 30 minutes using your hands - no needles required!  This tutorial was originally inspired by Audra over at The Kurtz Corner. Super handy considering Autumn's here and Winter is around the corner.  It's inspired me to give it a go, and I get easily confused getting a plait together, but the super handy video tutorial is easy to follow so it's been added to my craft bucket list (which strangely seems to get longer not shorter).


What you need:


  • Two hands

Supplies / ingredients:

  • for double Infinity Scarf – 4 skeins of super bulky yarn (each skein should be around 40 m/130 ft/44 yd long and weigh approx. 100 g/0.25 lbs)

Happy Knitting xx