Monday 30 March 2015

My Inspiration Monday - Buttoflies

In this week's My Inspiration Monday, we meet Kathryn from Buttoflies who is also addicted to Red Polka Dots as much as I am - just check out her Cath Kidston sneakers if you don't believe me!

How did your business come about?  

Buttoflies came about as a result of me needing to have an activity to focus on to take my mind off health issues.  It worked wonders!


Where did the name come from? 

As with most great ideas, the name came to me while lying in bed!  Obviously I make buttons, and my daughter loves butterflies, so just combined the two.


What do you love about what you do?  

I love sourcing fabrics that I think may be popular and when it comes time to make them up for the first time, the excitement of the finished product is still with me.  I love seeing people wearing my goodies.  And I love seeing the excitement on kids faces when they see some clips made out of their favourite theme or colour.


Where do you find time to craft?

 I craft in the evenings instead of watching TV, or while my 2 kids are at school.


What’s next for you? 

To continue making buttons, buttons and more buttons!

You can check more of Kathryn's creations out here