Sunday 29 April 2012

From my heart to yours......................

When doing some research at work the other day I stumbled across this just a little bit cute website that does couple gifts that make you smile.  If your looking for something a little different they do ship to New Zealand so you gotta heart that ..............................

Monday 23 April 2012

Goodness Gracious May

Lily comes from a long line of shoe lovers and it is only fitting that I encourage this to carry on the legacy.
I came across Gracious May on Etsy the other day and love love love (did I say love enough?) the range of shoes that are just a little bit cute, so much so, that it is proving very hard to even pick one favourite, her Dad would say she only has one pair of feet so how many pairs of shoes can one little lady have?!! I love the Eskimo boots, the sweet strawberry dotty janes, the sprinkle cupcake mary janes, the fuzzy giraffe lace ups.............too many to choose and this is a small selection from their site - check them out:

Thursday 19 April 2012

Shop Me Pretty

Shop Me Pretty is a new night market that has popped up in Christchurch on a monthly basis.  The first one was held at St Barnabas Church last night and was just a little bit cute - a variety of stallholders and not too much of the same which was quite nice ( I didn't have the dilemma of deciding what to buy, because there wasn't so much that I couldn't decide on anything - this can happen alot!)

 I love Pretty Birds Jewellery (finally made a decision on a necklace - Thanks Lee & Jemma) check out Lee's beautiful designs at

Kate M Handmade - loved the vintage fabrics esp. the polka dots! check more out at 

Buttoflies - very cute hair clips, ties, buttons, magnets etc -

Pretty Pear - beautiful earrings made from sterling silver, check them out at:

Mudbird - beautiful ceramics as usual - 

Forget Me Knots fabrics - loved the fabrics, that was actually quite hard to decide, so many cute ones!

Takataka - love their wall decals and lots of other little treasures, the felt hearts were so cute! 
I hope I have enticed you for the next one, here are some dates for the next two, hope to see you there!
Just a little bit cute might make an appearance, you never know!
18th May - Ohoka Hall
26th June - West Melton Community Centre

Happy Bunting

There's something about vintage bunting that brings a smile to my heart, its cute, its vintage and its so pretty!
You can have it in a kids room, a wedding, a party, in the garden, on a market stall, the possibilities are endless!  Its so easy to make,my problem is deciding which colours, I have a few fabric offcuts so will probably make more than one or two or three............
The two bottom pics are  free downloads from the sites below: (right pic) (left pic)

Here are some tutorials on how to make bunting, I did read somewhere if you can draw a straight line you can make bunting, (kinda true, its only triangles really)
A tutorial on making map bunting -

It would be rude not to include an Etsy link, this is a general search on Etsy for all things vintage bunting, so it includes all sorts -

Happy Bunting!

Sunday 15 April 2012

a little birdie told me....................................

I am in love with birds at the moment ( well I've always been in love with them really), they are just so universally cute and a little bit vintage.  I recently did a search on Etsy ( I know I keep mentioning Etsy but I can't help it, its such a big online marketplace when you cant find what you are looking for here in NZ) and was absorbed for hours, here are some of the ones that are just a little bit cute................

Birds with bunting Wedding cake topper -

Also here is the link if you feeling like having a wee look at all things birdy-