Friday 29 March 2013

Free Friday - Printable Masks

Something a little fun this week with these Printable Masks.  Thought they might make a welcome distraction in the School Holidays which are creeping up on us pretty quick.  So.......

Grab a beard and get tweeting....
Pinned Image
Twitter Beard

Or grab something a little fancier...
Printable Mask 1
Fanciful Mask

Use some tools of the trade.....
printable masks robot
Tool Box Robot Masks

And lego's get our angry face on...
Lego Man

Or take it in another direction completely.....
Halloween Masks
Harry Styles
Shake a little face feather....
Peacock Mask
Or pop an eye patch on it...
Pirate Me Hearties

Stop! lets get serious for a minute  ...
Iron Man
No lets get our Gangnam on instead...
Halloween Masks
And finish off with a little Breakfast at Tiffany's...
Happy Masking Making x

Thursday 28 March 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Egg Cartons

Seeing as its Easter why not upcycle an egg carton or two after the eggcitement is over?

How about some cute little critters?
Caterpillar, Jellyfish, Hippo, Fish, Sheep, Caterpillar

Maybe some wall heart art?
Wall Heart

Some gift boxes?

Easter Egg boxes
Egg Boxes

Some storage?

Ornament Storage

recycle and keep ribbons neat at the same time.  Maybe...I don't use ribbons all that much except at Christmas
Ribbon Organiser

Something comfy for Dolly to sit on?
Dollhouse chairs from egg carton
Doll Furniture
Something cool for the boys?

recycling egg cartons

And finish with a little Cake Pop stand?

Cake Pop Stand

Happy Upcycling x

Wednesday 27 March 2013

on babybites - Easter Upcycling

Head on over to babybites to read the latest feature done by yours truly.  All about easter upcycling and the like.  Also lots other cool stuff to read about and you can also go in the draw to win a 

Here's a little sneak peek... - Easter Egg Box Craft - Handmade Easter Basket

Happy Reading x

Tutes Tuesday

Never underestimate the power of a skewer stick and some fruit!
Here is a super easy tutorial from over at My Kid Craft.  

Fruit Rocket Ship



Before you get started you can get your kids to design their rocket ships. You'll be doing most of the cutting, so this is a great way to get them involved. They'll need to have a point at one end, and a base at the other end. Get them to use coloured pencils that match the fruits you have available.

Start by cutting and peeling the fruit. You'll need one piece of fruit in a triangular shape for the tip, and another in a tetragon with the bottom wider than the top. The other bits of fruit can be rectangular or square.

Try not to make your fruit too thick or too thin. You don't want it too heavy for the skewer, but you don't want it to break off either.

Starting with the base, push the skewer through the different bits of fruit. Kids will be able to do this part, but an adult will be needed for any harder fruits like pineapple so that you don't have any accidents.

Finish up with the tip, and then the rocket ship is ready for flying and eating.

Happy Zooming to the Moon x

Tuesday 26 March 2013

His & Hers Easter Goodies

Seeing as its Easter and all, how about a giveaway? I made these super cute gift jars when making my Easter treats for friends and family.  I had plans to make something else but came up with these cuties instead! 

  All you have to do is tell me your favourite thing about Easter in the comments below or on the facebook page and I will pick a random winner on Thursday morning - short notice I know but you gotta be quick around here.

Monday 25 March 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - Hoppy Easter!

So today's theme was Spring has sprung which is really secret code for Easter. And seeing as I'm bunny gaga at the moment with Easter it was an appropriate one to do.  I also had some tools today which made it a bit easier and looked a bit better than last week which I thought was a bit pants.

Here are my new tools
I bought some bits and pieces from The Warehouse all for under $10
Now for some inspiration....
Hard Boiled Egg Chick. So cute! Simple Instructions:
Hatching Chick Egg
Muffin tin meal - this would be a good dinner/lunch idea for kidlets.

Chicky Bento
Bunny Muffin Tin

And what I came up with....

Hatching Chick, Banana & Grape Flower, Luncheon and Cheese Hot X Bun, Bunny Pikelets, Carrot Sammies and Nest Egg Cupcake

And I couldn't just make one cupcake...

Friday 22 March 2013

Free Friday

Free stuff is pretty cool.  Stuff that is just a little bit cute and free is even cooler.  Its my mission to bring you a free printable or craft tutorial every Friday - cue shocked gasps! What! Free? Really? Yep really.

The First one for Free Friday is something eggstra special from Mr Printables (who I am secretly in LOVE with by the way) 
Something a little bit cute for Easter seeing as it's just around the corner....

easter crafts for kids


free printable party favors bunny bag 2

easter coloring pages

Giant Easter Egg Colouring Page

I felt like we needed just a little bit more so....

Over at Bonfires and Wine I found....

Easter Hip Hop

And  lastly (I'm all egged out) over at MomoMushy I found these...CuuuuuUTE!!
Triangular Surprise Envelopes

Triangular Easter Envelopes

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Wicked Wednesday News!

 Pretty choice!

On babybites this week my article on Upcycled Formula Tin Ideas = No.1

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Thrifty Tuesday - Plastic Fantastic!

Here are some uses for those plastic containers that are quite commonly found in your recycling bin - my fave are the shampoo and deodorant bottle people!

Make adorable treasure chest gift boxes to hold treats or small presents, from recycled plastic containers

Recycle a plastic container to make a colorful jellyfish.

Upcycled Birdfeeder.


Upcycled Plastic Container and Duct Tape Vase Craft ::
Duct Tape Vase
How cool is this duct tape?!!!

Hanging Storage Bins

Toy Buckets

penguin cup craft

Plastic Cup Penguins


*made these from the lids from icing containers & they work great...the kids love them because their hands don't get sticky or cold...Recycle plastic lids as drip free Popsicle Holders

Popsicle Holder

Transforma los envases vacĂ­os en diferentes personajes ~ Recycle empty plastic containers :)

Coolest (and cutest) bunch of People EVER!

For more ideas check out my Upcycled Plastics Pinterest Board