Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Summer Holiday!

Summer holidays : miss Holiday at beach..

We are off on a family holiday and there isn't any internet. or tv. or much of anything.  But I'm so looking forward to it. I'm not saying there won't be facebook withdrawals or an internet intervention (or two) but what there will be is a whole lot of beach and family time.  I have enjoyed my time here on the blog in 2013 and am looking forward to sharing lots more in 2014.  But until then stay safe this holiday season.
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

tutes cute tuesday - perch cookies

What are perch cookies you ask?  These are the cutest little cookies you ever did see, designed to 'perch' on the edge of you cup or mug...... but you make up your mind, I'm pretty sure you will agree though that they are too cute for words.
Cookies & Milk
Sugar Star Cookies
Tiny Gingerbread House by notmartha: An all time favorite to perch on your mug of hot cocoa. Click through to see the link for the sugar cookie recipe variation also! #Gingerbread_House
tiny gingerbread house
Simple Food: Winter Cookies // Леснo и бързо: зимни бисквитки | 79 Ideas. Love these cookies perched on the edge of the cup!
xmas trees
a little heart
Happy Baking x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

elf donuts - the recipe

Elf donuts Recipe
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To make your tiny treats, you'll need:
Icing/Powdered sugar
A small match box
These are so easy to make, but can be a little fiddly. Trust me about the chopsticks, they make all the difference!
Pop a spoonful of Nutella in a dish & microwave it for about 20 seconds. (You could also just use melted chocolate, but Nutella is the lazy option.) You just need to carefully dip one side of your Cheerios into the chocolate and then shake sprinkles over the top. Poke one of your chopsticks through the hole to keep your doughnut shape. Place them on the side to dry.
To make the plain chocolate ones, do the same minus the sprinkles.
And for the powdered sugar ones, just roll them in the powdered sugar. If it wont stick, give them a very little lick, like a stamp, and try again. (The elves wont mind a bit.)
When you have all the doughnuts you need, pop them into a match box, with a little tissue paper folded underneath. If you were feeling particularly festive, you could even decorate your match box!

Thrifty Thursday - last minute diy gift ideas and stocking stuffers

There are always a few last minute gift moments that leave you  running around like a crazy person scrabbling for an idea (or two).  Here are some thrifty gift ideas that are under $10 and most of them have a free printable to go with them - easy peasy!  I love the 'mistletoes' idea, I know a few lovely ladies whose feet could do with some pampering after a busy festive season.

For the kids (big & little).....

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M&M jar
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For those who love a little baking with love.....

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For those whose feet need a little pampering.....
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For the tea drinker in your life.....

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Something a little cute for the stocking.....

Reindeer Washcloth Filled with Bath Goodies
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For those who love a little jam session.....

xmas packaging diy souvenir magz
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Happy crafting x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tutes Tuesday - Xmas Wrapping

Its getting to that time, where the shopping is almost done (I have to say I stay at that 'almost done' phase right up until Xmas day - there is always something I forgot to get) and it's time to get wrapping.  Here are a few different ways to wrap and create a cute statement underneath your Xmas tree.  My personal fave is the Pom Pom wrapping... so cute *sigh*.

Parcel Pressies

Xmas Trees

Pom Pom Gift Wrap

Pom Pom Gift Wrap 2

Interactive Gift Wrap

Joyful Wrapping

I love the idea of this simple wrapping with a special candy cane treat!
Candy Canes

Reindeer Wrapping

And that's a wrap.......

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tutes Tuesday - Oh Xmas Tree............

I'm feeling a little bit of mum guilt..... in that I haven't got the Xmas tree up yet.  Shhhhh don't tell EVERYONE! Everywhere I look, there are xmas trees, decorations and circulars piled up high advertising Xmas like we didn't see it coming.  I got to my daughter's preschool this morning and the look on Lily's face when she saw the tree was pretty cool.  She even stood back, looking it over, crossed her arms and declared it 'too cute mummy' - all this and she is only 2!  Her Preschool teachers asked what she wanted from Santa and she said 'a Xmas tree'. Cue mum guilt take 2.
So guess what we are doing this week, the first day I get off?  Oh yes we are going to go xmas crazy.  I have seen an opportunity and decided let's get into this Xmas spirit thing.  Let's do Xmas like it's 1999.

I came across these super cute Xmas Tree tutorials and thought if you were looking for some crafty ideas to do with the kids or just to get yourself in the jingle bells mood, then these might be just the thing to inspire some 'too cute mummy' moments at your house too.

Tutorial over at ohhappyday

Tutorial over at scrumdillydo

Tutorial over at mysimplehomelife