Sunday 27 January 2013

Something for the Mums

I'll be honest, I appreciate a bit of help in the Wardrobe & Styling Dept.  I have the clothes, there is no doubt about that (after 10 or so years in fashion retail there is a bit of a collection) its more the trying to put them all together, like I haven't tried too hard that I find the tricky bit.  I miss dressing up, there comes a point where snot covered and food splattered outfits get a bit passe and I yearn for my previous life where I could spend time getting ready, choosing outfits ahead of time, going shopping and splashing out on a new outfit in my own time (sense a bit of a theme there?). I also promised myself I would introduce more colour this year after black has reigned supreme for quite a while.  So when I came across birdsnest and their Styled Outfits section I was inspired to say the least.
These are some of my favourite outfits:

Something a little casual...............

Something a little dressy............

Something  a little in between...........

Something for all that black.....
So make sure you head on over to birdsnest and get inspired.  
          happy styling, happy shopping or both..................
If you have any places similar that you find inspiration from or that will inspire others please share in the comments below!

Friday 25 January 2013

Thursday 24 January 2013

The cutest thing I found today

These super cute ice blocks found over at Mama's Style facebook page would go down a treat on a day like we had yesterday, a blistering 31 degree heat that you could NOT get away from even when it was time to sleep!

Bloggers Connecting

This exciting event is happening in April, an opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers.  All you need to know (including registration) is found on the website:
and on the facebook page: 
I'm tempted I must admit, but a little apprehensive, a little fearful and feel a little bit small to hang out with the big kids but then I think it could be fun!  What I have I got to lose, but a whole lot of information to gain, some friends to make and a few insights. As Nike would say Just Do It!
What do you think? 

 'Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting'
April 12-14th 2013

This is a chance to make authentic and meaningful connections with other bloggers. A chance to ask some of those prickly questions and maybe a chance to up-skill a little bit.

Mainly it's an invitation to laugh, relate, eat, relax and be with other NZ women bloggers in a relaxed environment.

We can't promise you'll learn something new, we can't promise it will change your life, we can't promise you'll even love it - although we hope all those things will happen - but we can promise we are putting our hearts, souls and energy into trying to create a
(the welcome not the weather!)
and 'I get that you blog'
kind of weekend.

Monday 14 January 2013

Quiet books...Shhhh

I have fallen in love with Quiet books (or you may know them as busy books) and also the idea of making Lily a quiet book. They are generally fabric or felt pages filled with busy or quiet activities for little ones to amuse themselves with.  Lots of interactive activities to keep their little hands busy.
Here are a few examples for you so you know what I am talking about:
Images courtesy of Pinterest - if you search 'Quiet Books' there a few images and ideas to inspire you!

Recycling + Quiet Books

 I came across a few quiet books on Pinterest that use recycled baby clothing. Lily is big on buckles, zips and clips at the moment so thought this would be an even better idea and if she recognises the clothes I'm sure she will be even more excited about them.

It will keep her busy doing what she loves + recycling the ever growing mountain of clothes she no longer wears = happy toddler + happy environment.

Now I did say I was going to take it slowly this year with new projects however I figure if i start now and take it slowly and not take anything else on (in other words I'm so excited about this one I don't care) and say no to a few other things then I cant get all tangled up and stressed out (it sounds all good in theory I know!)

I came across some really great resources from people who had already made quiet books and here are the links to them:

A couple of step by step guides on how to make a quiet book:

This page is AMAZING!!! Lots of inspiration, step by step guides and it's FREE!

Some inspiration for you:

Love this clips page developing fine motor skills:

Love the converse sneaker page teaching little ones how to tie laces:

Love the corn zipper page (check it out, you will see what I mean)

Love the counting petals page:

Where I found the inspiration for my recycled clothes quiet book:

If you have made a Quiet Book before or know of any great resources please comment below, I am as I'm sure others are, always looking for any inspiration or resources to make it an easier process.
Happy Crafting!

Saturday 12 January 2013

Fav. Blog of the Week

Fat Mum Slim is always a good read -  I recently read her '20 ordinary things to do in 2013' post found here:  

It is refreshing to read such an honest thoughtful post, it has inspired me to think about my own Top 20 list for 2013, I may even add her No.8

8. Sleep upside down
Before we had Lacey I kinda forced Hubby to sleep upside down one night. You know put your head where your feet go. He thought I was weird. But we woke up and laughed. What a way to start the day. {Seriously I might be nuts}.
I also liked:
Stop dwelling on the negative
I’m a thinker and the negative can often eat up more of my thoughts than the good stuff. I’m trying to stop dwelling and focus on the good instead.  
I so do this and really need to stop. I'm serious.
Embrace simplicity
My usual way of living is to say yes to everything and then figure it all out later. This year I’ve started thinking first, saying no sometimes and embracing simplicity. I find saying no really hard, but I find being stressed and frazzled harder. 
Must start saying No.  Hmmm it sounds quite good.....
Take care of yourself
Last year I saw an ace Naturopath who got to the bottom of a lot of things. Taking care of yourself might mean different things for different people; going to bed earlier, exercising daily, drinking 2L of water a day… 
Am going to ring the Physio, I am too young to be complaining of a sore back everyday!
Write a Thank You card
I just sent off a batch of 8 Thank You cards to people I know. I hope it brightens their day. I’m going to try and do one a week this year.
This sounds really cool, seriously who doesn't love getting mail???!!! (That's not a bill that is)

2013 Craft Pay-It-Forward

2013 Craft Pay-It-Forward
2013 Craft Pay-It-Forward - A friend of mine has started a Craft Pay It Forward  which I thought would be a bit of fun. Basically it works like so:
The first 5 people to comment on this blog will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a handmade/homemade/crafted item - it will happen when you least expect it, but it will happen. HOWEVER, you must make the same offer on your blog or Facebook page. I won't be checking I will assume if your in, then that's a commitment from you that you will do it also. For each one you accept you have to offer to 5 others. So keep calm and get crafting!

Hello 2013

Happy New Year to you and Hello 2013. I hope this post finds you relaxed and refreshed after the holidays, I had a lovely festive season catching up with family and friends, enjoying the sunshine and treats that Xmas brings with it.  With a New Year upon us, it brings reflection and resolutions or goals (or an intention to come up with some). I know I have spent some time myself, reflecting back on 2012 and thinking of the new year ahead.  I am taking some time to figure out what happens to the blog, the markets, the projects and life in general really.  I'm not going to promise to save the world or take on another project (or 5) but I would like to spend more time doing some of the things that have been on my list for a while, I was going to write a list for that list but this summed it up quite nicely instead!

I hope you find the time to reflect and think about what you want out of your 2013, as long as you think about it you are on the right track.