Sunday 30 June 2013

Market Mashup - The Dead Of Winter Market by The Craft Collective

A bright sunny day was the perfect weather for a market in Christchurch on Saturday, The Craft Collective's Dead of Winter Market.  It was jam packed at 11am when I ventured to CPIT and I couldn't believe how busy it was.  Now I am a bit of a scaredy when it comes to crowds, I like to wander and not have to worry about zig zagging others and obstacles like prams and rather tall people or having to worry about holding people up.  So I tend to dash through and then if I feel comfortable will go back around a second time.  Lucky I did as I spotted a few things I didn't see the first time.  I have compiled a little collage of cuties for the littlies and cuties for the big kids (you). I think you will agree about their cuteness. If you went to the Market let me know what your faves were.
1. The Land of Nod Pillowcase by Marcel and Bear....2. Felt Crown by Felt like Celebrating.....3. Angel Wing Denim Jackets by Remember When You Used To Be A Rascal.......4. Upcycled Woollen Dress by Snippet.......5. Everyday Pirate Pants by SlipStitch......6. Lion Polar Jacket by Polarjacks.....7. Rocky Doorstop by YaYah Design....8. Unicorn Polar Jacket by Polarjacks

1. Mix Tape Stitch Kit by Stitchology....2. Interchangeable button pendants by tlb....3. Teapot brooch by Random Little Things ......4. Myrtle & Maude ......5. to dry for teatowel by Little Drop Design....Polka dot bicycle purse by Ameliorate Designs.....7. Print by Hello Lemon....8. Teacup by Sh*ts about to get dainty

Friday 28 June 2013

Pinspyed it Friday - Cute Cupcakes

It's all about cute cupcakes today, some of the cutest little cupcakes I have come across and such simple ideas - why didn't I think of that!!!  My personal fave is the Milk & Cookies *sigh* and #drool# at the same time!
S'mores aka: Bears in a Bubble cute are these? Brownies bathtub, marshmallow bubbles!
Bears in Bubble Bath
Cute cupcakes
I heart cupcakes

Cute Food, Cute Cupcakes, Designer Cakes, Cupcakes Decorating, Kids Cupcakes, Cupcakes Ideas, Cute Cake - Part 6

Cute Food, Cute Cupcakes, Designer Cakes, Cupcakes Decorating, Kids Cupcakes, Cupcakes Ideas, Cute Cake - Part 6

Cute Food, Cute Cupcakes, Designer Cakes, Cupcakes Decorating, Kids Cupcakes, Cupcakes Ideas, Cute Cake - Part 2
Pancake Cupcakes

Cupcake Sundaes

Sheep cupcakes
Fluffy Sheep
LOVEly Cupcakes 
Smiley Faces
And always remember......................

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Sunday 23 June 2013

A little bit of magic by melissa artifex photography

I quite often come across kids photographers and sigh at the cuteness of their photos, but it is very rare that I want to sell my soul to the devil to pay for a session.  This happened recently when I came across melissa artifex photography and the cutest little video featuring one of her storybook sessions.  
Immediately I wanted Lily in that forest atop of the Unicorn, sprinkling fairy dust among the trees all the while someone snapping those cute little moments.

Check out Melissa's storybook session complete with Unicorn, magic, fairy dust and the cutest little Princess!

Melissa is a freelance photographer in Christchurch and has been for 3 years.  She specialises in child and family portraiture with a little bit of magic thrown in.  As you can see in the video the magic is what makes the sessions so special and different.
Melissa loves every part of her job - 'the sessions, planning, marketing and all the business side, packaging, I'm a little bit obsessed with packaging to tell you the truth!'.  She's a girl after my own heart.
'I love what I'm doing now with the storybook sessions because they are all personalised to the client so I get to do things that are super creative and really get to become a part of the family for the day!' And you can see this in these images below

I have 3 little envelopes here with some promo cards from melissa artifex photography, any storybook mini session booked before 07.07.13 will receive a complimentary 16 x 24 fine art wall portrait of an image of their choice from the session on top of the goodies that usually come with a mini session (3 full resolution digital files). 
 If you want the chance to win one of these promo cards tell me below what type of session you would love for your little one/s! 
If you would like to get in touch with Melissa you can contact her through her Facebook page

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Fun Inside Day Activity - Part 3: Cool Cousins of Forts & Teepees

If you are looking for something a little different to the trusty Fort or Teepee then check out their Cool Cousins - Tents, Tablecloth Houses and Playhouses.  I'm definitely a fan of the tablecloth house, might have to add that to the list of projects 
A Frame Pup Tents

Geometric Tent
Pup Tent
Campfire Tents
Yep, that's bedtime at my place... party central.
Dreamtime Tents
Tablecloth Play House by shawn
Tablecloth House

Castlefort - ePattern for a Castle Card Table Fort
Castle Fort

Felt Playhouse

Whats your favourite?
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Fun Inside Day Activity - Part 1: Forts


With the weather about to get all wintery on us (like we didn't know that was going to happen!)
I thought this post might be welcome relief for some.  Building a fort or hut is one of the top things on a kids list to do and when it comes to building one they are only limited by their imagination or yours.
The other thing about building forts, teepees or huts is they are relatively cheap - sheets, some rope, pegs, washing racks or furniture - things that are generally lying around the house or in a cupboard somewhere.
Here is a roundup of my favourite forts that I have found.  

Cardboard Fort
where the wild things are forts
Wild things Fort
Blanket Fort
Indoor tents and blanket forts
Marquee Fort
Floral Fun Fort
Sofa Fort

Hula Hoop Huts
rainbowsandunicornscrafts:    DIY Recycled Box Collapsible Play House from She Knows here. For more play houses and forts go here:
Collapsible Cardboard House

And if you need further convincing just take Joeys advice....

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Fun Inside Day Activity - Part 2: Teepees

Here is the second instalment of the Fun Inside Day Activity -  Part 2 is all about whimiscal teepees to fall in love with and try to recreate, I especially love the extra touches like the bunting, feathers and polka dot curtain doors.  Can't wait to make any of these for Lily (and secretly myself.)

Little Picnic Teepee
Cowboy Teepee
The 10 min Tipi

Hand made wigwam
Fabric Wigwam

Bright Teepee
DIY Teepee on A Beautiful Mess
Prettiest Teepee Ever!
Cutest little Teepee on the Prairie
Which one is your favourite?
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Friday 14 June 2013

Pinspyed it Friday!

If you haven't guessed already, I can spend a lot of time on Pinterest. 
It is my go to place to:
1. find something for something (well that makes sense)
2. find inspiration and ideas
3. find a pic of something I found ages ago but didn't pin and am frantically trying to locate it
3. a picture for a blog post
4. something to illustrate the ideas in my head that swirl around and around

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pins of my week that I spyed.
I won't bore you with trillions (you might as well get on Pinterest yourself),  just a handful.

This week a baking theme....

Happy Dust
Cute Donuts!!

Jello Cookies
Cupcake Stand Tutorial

Baking Cupboard Love

If you would like to see what else I have found on Pinterest check out my boards here

Thursday 13 June 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Upcycled Toilet Roll Ideas

The humble toilet roll has never looked so good with these super cute ideas, from party crowns to binoculars there is sure to be something that would inspire the kids to make these! I personally love the Washi Tape Crowns, there is something quite magical about them, perfect for parties and dancing around the house.

Simple birthday crowns - by Craft & Creativity
Washi Tape Crowns

Superhero Cuffs DIY
Superhero Cuffs
Gigantic Pencils


Check out my Pinterest board Upcycled Toilet Rolls for more ideas.
Happy Upcycling x