Saturday, 22 December 2012

oh xmas tree oh xmas tree..........

I found these super cute Xmas tree ideas in my travels on Pinterest, I've always loved the idea of something different for the Xmas tree - maybe next year!  Have a safe and Merry Xmas, enjoy some quality time with family and friends and stay safe x

And something for the xmas table..........

Monday, 3 December 2012

the last market for the year

Yesterday in Amberley was the last market of the year, its been an interesting and fun experience making and creating things and selling them to those who love something a little bit cute.  The inspiration tanks are running a bit low at the moment but as always I am already thinking of the next step!  I have a few ideas and a few ( I say a few but I have many!) Pinterest boards but would love to hear from you if any ideas that you would love to see made.  I am also thinking of getting a few craft supplies for next year to sell, so if you think of anything in that dept. let me know, I'm always keen to get some fresh ideas and add those to the list.
Thank you to my partner in crime, Jemma who has helped me with the creating, merchandising, setting up, packing down and keeping me company at the Markets, it wouldn't have been as much fun without you.  And thank you to my loyal readers, followers, buyers and fellow crafters for all your help and inspiration, its been a blast.

Monday, 12 November 2012

once upon a time there lived a little fairy.....

 I have always loved toadstools and have always wanted to create something just a little bit cute, so after finding some inspiration and tutorials.....................................................
Tutorial is here:

Tutorial is here:

Tutorial is here:

 I came up with this..........................
the newest addition to the justalittlebitcute family x

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Every day I'm stumbling..........

I must apologise for my slackness lately, its been pretty busy around here.  With a 13 month old who is very mobile, a couple of markets which I made new bits and pieces for and a part time job which has required a lot of love lately, there hasn't been lot of time for blogging.  We have been ordering those unique gifts with cool factor which take time to research.  I like a challenge so I have been cruising( I say cruising but I mean frantically speeding!) the internet super highway looking for those gifts.  I do enjoy the thrill of finding that special something that will be given to someone as a gift and imagining their reaction to getting it.  You could say I LOVE my job.  So in my travels (i'm getting to the point now) I have discovered Stumbleupon and it is a great way to explore the internet.  You sign up, tell them your interests and it takes you to websites that match your interests.  Its so easy and I must say highly addictive!  I have found some great blogs and websites that are crafty so it was a great way for me to refuel the inspiration tanks.  I also had home and garden as one of my interests to 'stumble' and here are few of the things I found:

Make this

from this

 the above found at mad4flashblog

this is made from doilies and thumbtacks - so cute!

the above found over at buzzfeed
CD clothes rack dividers for Baby's room

these cute ideas found over at curbly
 Happy Stumbling!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Something for the Mums

I have posted quite a bit about the kids and cute things for them lately so I thought it was time I posted about something just a little bit cute for the Mums.  I came across these necklaces the other day and fell in love.  Super cute and sentimental at the same time.  The Birdy one is going on my Xmas wishlist. Enough said.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The First Birthday Party!

What a great day for a birthday party! We had amazing weather, blue skies and lovely sunshine!  It was great to greet Spring with a gathering of family and friends to celebrate Lily's 1st birthday.  We had a BBQ with burgers, mini hotdogs, salads and sweets for after and of course cake - lots and lots of cake!

Bunting is Paper Eskimo Bunting, I just used the pink and red and red and white coloured flags with photos of Lily's first year in between.  You can get the bunting from Vanilla Cupcake for $12.99. Popcorn bags, Polka dot napkins are from the $2 shop, Polka Dot Cupcake cases are from Countdown.  All props for the table were borrowed from my good friend Jem who has a great collection having had 2 girls and lots of birthday parties!
Other Party decoration ideas I used you can read about them here: Polka Dot Party Decorations
Goodies included Fruit Kebabs, Lolly Cake, Fairy Bread, Marshmellow Pops, Popcorn, Mini Mallowpuffs, Pebbles, Raisins and Tim Tams.  Yum!  It was easy to make stuff and great for effect.

These cute little straws can be bought from any party supply store
these ones are from Charlie Horse Parties
And the birthday cake which I made myself (I swear I won't make another one every time I do it, but there is a great sense of self satisfaction once it is finished!) -

The Birthday Girl having fun in the Ball Pit

Monday, 3 September 2012

Polka Dot Party decorations

Party Decorations
So the planning continues with Lily's party - next on the list is the decorations.  With the cake being this one, I have decided on Polka Dots!

Online Inspiration
I have decided to go with a pink and white polka dot and red and white polka dot colour scheme.  Sounds a bit crazy I know, but I love polka dots and can make it work with block colours in the red and pink as well.  So after a bit of online research (where else would I get all my great ideas!) I  found the following red and pink themed party over at - a great place to start for party inspiration, they have loads of different party themes and real parties to spend hours drooling over! I also found many other ideas on Pinterest.

Online Party Supplies
I found these polka dot lanterns and mini table runners over at Sweet Pea Parties.  There are many other bits and pieces - you can get jumbo polka dot balloons and smaller versions aswell, polka dot tables runners, polka dot cupcake stands............. you kinda get the idea!

Pop Roc Parties and Dots n Spots are also great party accessory stores:

I love these goodies from Pop Roc Parties

Another place to try is the many $2 shops that have popped up everywhere these days, they are a great place to start and you can often find wee gems for next to nothing.  I found red and white and pink and white spotty napkins for $2 a packet and some cute popcorn bags for $2 a packet as well.

If you know where to get any cute Polka Dot party decorations at other places than the ones listed above please comment below, your fellow readers would appreciate it.

You can read about the Birthday Party here : The First Birthday Party