Thursday 19 April 2012

Happy Bunting

There's something about vintage bunting that brings a smile to my heart, its cute, its vintage and its so pretty!
You can have it in a kids room, a wedding, a party, in the garden, on a market stall, the possibilities are endless!  Its so easy to make,my problem is deciding which colours, I have a few fabric offcuts so will probably make more than one or two or three............
The two bottom pics are  free downloads from the sites below: (right pic) (left pic)

Here are some tutorials on how to make bunting, I did read somewhere if you can draw a straight line you can make bunting, (kinda true, its only triangles really)
A tutorial on making map bunting -

It would be rude not to include an Etsy link, this is a general search on Etsy for all things vintage bunting, so it includes all sorts -

Happy Bunting!