Thursday 10 May 2012

A couple of cuties.........sharing the love

Sharing some blog love with the discovery of Polkadotchair found on Facebook (Thanks Facebook!) lots of cute sewing tutorials if you have some fabric lying around preferably vintage and a little bit cute

And I have started working with the very talented Kim who always has a project on the go when she's not working on an essay or two and working at NotSocks! Check out her blog Sewlatea over at

If you know of any cute blogs I haven't found or heard of yet feel free to leave a comment or link so I can check them out or email me at


  1. Have you had a look at Tartankiwi's blog -

    And Artsy Ants by two sisters, one in NZ and one in the US

  2. These are wee gems! Thanks Lee I am in love with both of them, thanks for taking the time to comment x