Monday 25 June 2012

for your guilty pleasure.............

I love my job, I get to do lots of  research online and come across some wee gems.  Because it's work I don't feel guilty when I come across blogs, and I come across some very cool ones! Sometimes relevant to what I am doing and sometimes not. But I love how there are lots of people from all walks of life doing/saying/making some cool things and thought I would share some of this blog love.  I also discover a few blogs on Facebook that people have shared, so if you see these posts check them out, you never know what you might find or find out and it may lead to something else or something else from there!

made from scratch
  Rachael McMahon and her blog Made From Scratch is her personal collection of treasures kept in one sweet place. Founded in August 2010, Made From Scratch was used to journal the creations, recipes and inspiration that lead up to her wedding day.   But has continued and blossomed into a trove of simple delicious home baking handed down to her by her Grandma, her Mum and recipes she has learnt along the way, DIY, wedding, living and celebration themed treasures to inspire you to live the most beautiful and handmade life.

tartan kiwi

 Juliet, a Scot who has been living in New Zealand for the last 6 years or so. 
A Mum to Rascal (aged 3) and Scallywag (aged 1) and wife to a wonderful man.
With the help of the internet, she is teaching herself to sew. Challenging herself to try new things all the time, and trying to prove that the things that she regards as being ridiculously difficult are really not as impossible as I think!

lovely little things
a collection of exactly what it says "a little bit of this + a little bit of that"

the owl and the elephant
Once upon a time, two friends with a mutual love of drinking tea discovered that this was just the start. Conversations turned to fabric & furniture, revamping & repurposing, kids & craft ... it was here that the tale of The Owl & the Elephant began.........

sophie slim

A Christchurch woman who is behind an online "sisterhood" who have sent "love bombs" to deserving women throughout the country.
Sophie Laughton-Mutu, 22, founded the group on her blog at the beginning of the year. She now has up to 70 members of the sisterhood, organised into action through postings on her blog
Gorgeous crafts all the way from Sweden, so the blog is in both Swedish and English languages

Maddie started blogging to share cool things she found with her other Mum (and non-Mum) friends without cluttering up their Facebook walls.

Happy reading and don't be surprised if you lose an hour or two in blog land, I have a disclaimer that says you can't hold me responsible for the loss of time but feel free to thank me for all the ideas you will be full to the brim with...............................