Monday 13 August 2012

first birthday party invitations

Its almost Lily's first birthday so preparations are under way for her first birthday party.  The first hurdle was the theme which took a bit of deciding on - I wasn't sure if she was too young for a theme but I thought about what her favourite things are and the theme was pretty easy from there.  I have chosen a bird theme, as one of Lily's favourite things to do is watch her bird friends eat the bread scraps at breakfast time.  The second hurdle (you can tell I've been watching a little bit too much of the Olympics!) is the invitations.  I hit the internet (Pinterest, Google, Juxtapost, blogs etc) for a few ideas, then the Mall which there are plenty of fairy, robot and PIRATE themed birthday invitations so if you happen to be looking for those themes you won't have any trouble.  In the end I found a cake which led to the invites!

Some of the ones I found:

I found these on Pinterest, Etsy and Google

The cake I found:
The invites I decided on:

One little lala bird from