Monday 3 September 2012

Polka Dot Party decorations

Party Decorations
So the planning continues with Lily's party - next on the list is the decorations.  With the cake being this one, I have decided on Polka Dots!

Online Inspiration
I have decided to go with a pink and white polka dot and red and white polka dot colour scheme.  Sounds a bit crazy I know, but I love polka dots and can make it work with block colours in the red and pink as well.  So after a bit of online research (where else would I get all my great ideas!) I  found the following red and pink themed party over at - a great place to start for party inspiration, they have loads of different party themes and real parties to spend hours drooling over! I also found many other ideas on Pinterest.

Online Party Supplies
I found these polka dot lanterns and mini table runners over at Sweet Pea Parties.  There are many other bits and pieces - you can get jumbo polka dot balloons and smaller versions aswell, polka dot tables runners, polka dot cupcake stands............. you kinda get the idea!

Pop Roc Parties and Dots n Spots are also great party accessory stores:

I love these goodies from Pop Roc Parties

Another place to try is the many $2 shops that have popped up everywhere these days, they are a great place to start and you can often find wee gems for next to nothing.  I found red and white and pink and white spotty napkins for $2 a packet and some cute popcorn bags for $2 a packet as well.

If you know where to get any cute Polka Dot party decorations at other places than the ones listed above please comment below, your fellow readers would appreciate it.

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