Tuesday 30 October 2012

Every day I'm stumbling..........

I must apologise for my slackness lately, its been pretty busy around here.  With a 13 month old who is very mobile, a couple of markets which I made new bits and pieces for and a part time job which has required a lot of love lately, there hasn't been lot of time for blogging.  We have been ordering those unique gifts with cool factor which take time to research.  I like a challenge so I have been cruising( I say cruising but I mean frantically speeding!) the internet super highway looking for those gifts.  I do enjoy the thrill of finding that special something that will be given to someone as a gift and imagining their reaction to getting it.  You could say I LOVE my job.  So in my travels (i'm getting to the point now) I have discovered Stumbleupon and it is a great way to explore the internet.  You sign up, tell them your interests and it takes you to websites that match your interests.  Its so easy and I must say highly addictive!  I have found some great blogs and websites that are crafty so it was a great way for me to refuel the inspiration tanks.  I also had home and garden as one of my interests to 'stumble' and here are few of the things I found:

Make this

from this

 the above found at mad4flashblog

this is made from doilies and thumbtacks - so cute!

the above found over at buzzfeed
CD clothes rack dividers for Baby's room

these cute ideas found over at curbly
 Happy Stumbling!