Monday 3 December 2012

the last market for the year

Yesterday in Amberley was the last market of the year, its been an interesting and fun experience making and creating things and selling them to those who love something a little bit cute.  The inspiration tanks are running a bit low at the moment but as always I am already thinking of the next step!  I have a few ideas and a few ( I say a few but I have many!) Pinterest boards but would love to hear from you if any ideas that you would love to see made.  I am also thinking of getting a few craft supplies for next year to sell, so if you think of anything in that dept. let me know, I'm always keen to get some fresh ideas and add those to the list.
Thank you to my partner in crime, Jemma who has helped me with the creating, merchandising, setting up, packing down and keeping me company at the Markets, it wouldn't have been as much fun without you.  And thank you to my loyal readers, followers, buyers and fellow crafters for all your help and inspiration, its been a blast.