Wednesday 15 May 2013

What I have been working on lately - NZ Writers College & Writing for the Web course

Over the last year I have been working through Writing for the Web course through NZ Writers College.  I had chosen to do this course as a way for me to learn the basics of Web Writing.  I have been working on the last few modules this last month so that's why things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately.
Writing for me generally has always been a way for me to write about, well pretty much what I like really.  When I started the Writing for the Web course I didn't realise how technical writing could be and I was a little bit overwhelmed (only just a little bit)

However after completing the course and using writing in a number of different contexts it has become almost a natural process now.  The different contexts were Facebook, Google Ad words, Blog posts, Press Releases, Email Newsletters, Twitter and Creative Writing.  So I definitely flexed my writing muscles.
I am able to use my new skills in both my personal life on my blog and in my professional work in my chosen career.  My Manager has seen the improvement in my writing and has complimented me on my recent pieces of writing. 

Karen is a great tutor and provided me with some very valuable feedback and knowledge of all types of Web writing.  Her module content is very easy to read and the resources are valuable, and the assignments are challenging – I figure if it's not challenging then you aren't learning.

After completing the course I can now say that I can still write about pretty much anything, I just have to think a little bit more about it.   If I want people to read my content there has to be a structure with a few rules.