Tuesday 3 December 2013

Tutes Tuesday - Oh Xmas Tree............

I'm feeling a little bit of mum guilt..... in that I haven't got the Xmas tree up yet.  Shhhhh don't tell EVERYONE! Everywhere I look, there are xmas trees, decorations and circulars piled up high advertising Xmas like we didn't see it coming.  I got to my daughter's preschool this morning and the look on Lily's face when she saw the tree was pretty cool.  She even stood back, looking it over, crossed her arms and declared it 'too cute mummy' - all this and she is only 2!  Her Preschool teachers asked what she wanted from Santa and she said 'a Xmas tree'. Cue mum guilt take 2.
So guess what we are doing this week, the first day I get off?  Oh yes we are going to go xmas crazy.  I have seen an opportunity and decided let's get into this Xmas spirit thing.  Let's do Xmas like it's 1999.

I came across these super cute Xmas Tree tutorials and thought if you were looking for some crafty ideas to do with the kids or just to get yourself in the jingle bells mood, then these might be just the thing to inspire some 'too cute mummy' moments at your house too.

Tutorial over at ohhappyday

Tutorial over at scrumdillydo

Tutorial over at mysimplehomelife