Thursday 15 May 2014

Kidspot Mums Say Review - Sofia the First - A Royal Family Tour of Christchurch

Hot on the heels of William, Kate and George's Royal Tour, the Royal  Family from Enchancia pictured here in a formal family portrait recently visited Christchurch.

Sofia, the darling of the Royal Family was a crowd favourite with royal watchers  sure to look out for her wherever  the Royal Family were visiting.

The Royals visited a local wildlife park on a NZ Kiwi Tour.  They talked to staff about the kiwi breeding programme and the results of this work that have been achieved.

They took a tour of Christchurch's Earthquake Recovery effort, Prince James and King Roland taking a particular interest in the diggers.

They stayed a night at the exclusive Jellie Castle, rumoured to be $1000 night.  They posed for photographers and waved to well wishers on the castle balconies.

Well wishers who got quite close while giving them flowers said the Royals were 'lovely' and happy to chat, commenting that the weather 'had been different to what they had at home'.  They hadn't had much rain in Enchancia so were happy to experience the cooler weather.

Sophia particularly liked the garden, commenting to staff on  the spring flowers.  And the friendliness of the creatures in the garden.

While Sophia was admiring the garden, there was a security breach, with King Roland and Queen Miranda being manhandled by a well wisher. The overexcited well wisher was detained however no charges will be laid.  The Royal Family were quite happy to be man handled, King Roland commented that 'they were made of pretty strong stuff'.

The Royal Family also visited a local theme park with the royal children enjoying a number of the rides. 

Afterwards the family enjoyed some popcorn and rumour has it, the family are taking some of the snack food home with them to Enchancia.

In Christchurch they also visited the local swimming pool, watching swimming lessons in progress.  King Roland and Queen Miranda were impressed with SwimsmartChristchurch City Council’s Learn to Swim Programme.   Recently, the Christchurch City Council was awarded the 2014 Quality Swim School of the Year Award

They also took time out of their busy schedule to picnic in the park and admire the autumn leaves.

The last night of the tour they attended the Government House Ball.  James delighted fellow guests by dancing with his sisters while King Roland and Queen Miranda looked on.

Earlier in the day, the Royals from Enchancia visited the Government House kitchen to meet with the Chef who prepared the evening banquet.  Queen Miranda was said to be excited about the banquet meal and was looking forward to trying the 'Chicken Pie a la Enchancia'.

The Royal Family also posed for well known Kiwi photographer for a more casual family portrait to mark the end of a successful Royal tour.  One lucky well wisher who thoroughly enjoyed the Royal visit is looking forward to following them on their next tour which is rumoured to be a visit to Sofia's distant cousin Jake in Neverland.