Saturday, 9 August 2014

My Craft Space

I'm not a craft hoarder! I just need a bigger craft room! Free Printable available in 3 colors!  [organizing, collecting]  "I'm not a clutter-collector - I just need more space, to store my ebay inventory."
It's always nice to create a space where creativity flows but if your supplies are everywhere and the place is a bit of a mess, chances are creativity won't hang around long or even turn up at times.  So create a space where you can let the creativity flow and hang around a while, you never know what might, well um..... be created.

This was my table before I decided to knuckle down and get creating.  You know that process of 'I will buy this or these or that, they will look good when I get my table organised' or 'hmmm more craft supplies I must have' and then you add them to the pile and it grows kind of outta control? Yeah that process.  Then I started freaking out a little bit and got tidying, moved a few things around and my space ended up looking like this.....

Now granted, it doesn't always look this tidy!  I used the table to make a mock table set up (see below) for markets and it kinda stayed like that for a few days afterwards.  But then I decided to create a little more, and my space became tidy again.  I'm  not one for visual stress, so it didn't take long.  Visual stress (that horrible feeling where everything has to be in order - you know like OCD but less obsessive....or not?)

What does your craft space look like?  Do you have a space or a small part of the house where you can create?  A table, space in the hallway, or a whole room (jealous much?!) Post a photo to my facebook page where you find the link for this post and the best photo get's a little something to pop in your crafting space.
P.s. it's going to be cute.