Sunday 3 May 2015

My Inspiration Monday - Superhero Bedroom Ideas for Girls

We moved out of our house recently for EQC repairs and our house is not only undergoing repairs but a makeover at the same time.  Lily will be moving into a bigger room and would like a superhero bedroom (superhero's are pretty big in our house and have been for a while, she dresses up switching from Superman to Spiderman to Batman and the odd Ninja Turtle at times.  Sometimes the odd pair of Fairy Wings and a Party Dress make an appearance too but it's rare!)

So anyway I've had a look around for a few ideas and it's really hard to find Superhero Bedroom ideas for girls!  Don't they know girls love Superheros too?

However I've found a few ideas to get me started, and so far I'm loving a City Skyline Headboard, Word Bunting to spell out important messages for Superheroes, Animal Hook Shelf with Superhero Mask detail (a clever KMart hack) and a print/wall decal - Bat Kids is pretty cute!

  1. Bat Storage Bag from My Little LoveBird
  2. Word Banner from Van Mariel or  Cotton On Kids
  3. Bat Shelf from Decor Handled
  4. Bat Kids Print from Little Pop Studios
  5. Animal Hook Shelf (KMart Hack idea) from Our Urban Box
  6. Skyline Decal found on Pinterest
  7. Super Hero Flag from  The Lovely Wall
  8. House Decal idea (might make this a city skyline) from 100 Percent Heart
  9. Na Na Batman Print from Little Laneway