Tuesday 20 March 2012

For you Mr Richards

Two years ago today we got married and these are a couple of my fav. photos from our special day.  We had them taken down Poplar Lane which is sadly no more, which is such a shame, it was one of my fav. places, I used to walk past it most days on my way to work and loved the vintage feel about it..  I had the pleasure of finding a surprise anniversary gift this morning and of course it was just a little bit cute, my husband tends to surprise me when I least expect it always keeping me on my toes. It was a beautiful bracelet, which was gorgeous and he had bought it for me knowing that sometimes my Pandora bracelet can be a bit bulky to wear but not to leave my Pandora out he bought it another charm aswell, now that's not only just a little bit cute but definately worth some more brownie points towards Husband of the Year!  So there you go Mr Richards, as I know you will be reading this, I finally mentioned you on my blog x