Friday 30 March 2012

Socks not cute...........Not socks a little bit cute!

I have discovered the world of online gift shopping and my friends over at Not Socks have everything you need for all those important occasions.  Their philosophy is simple:  "Let’s be honest, no matter how you try to disguise them, socks still make a pretty crappy gift. Here at Not Socks we’re all about fun, fresh and thoughtful gifts... and socks just don’t cut it.
Rest assured, you’ll never find any socks, hankies, pen sets or housework-related gifts on the site. If you do happen to see any of them (or any of their close relatives for that matter) sneak their way onto the site, be sure to let us know!"
I have posted some of my favourites that are of course just a little bit cute. I love love the moustache teething toy and Sophie the Giraffe teething toy............(yes we have a teether in our house at the moment!)