Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I love blogging but honestly..........

What a weekend - Bloggers+Bunting+Bonding = A great blogging event!  
A few light bulb moments flashed before my eyes and things I had been thinking about already became a lot clearer. It was such a worthwhile experience as well as meeting some pretty cool people and also my blogging idols!  Also a lovely person told me that my blog was their happy place which honestly couldn't have come at a better time when things have been pretty crazy.  
I am thinking about changing a few things with the blog -  the design, the font, taking better photos, having a think about content and where to from here -  And honestly I would also love any feedback on anything that you would love to see more of, less of and anything that might bug you about the blog - after all you are the ones who read it!
So this brings me to my news - its time for a break from blogging while I figure it all out -it's that whole 'it's me not you' thing -  not just the blog but honestly I need to figure out the balancing act that is being a Mum and a Wife, working part time, the markets and not saying yes to everything else that comes along -this is my downfall (i'm also an active relaxer).  I need to find a better balance and look after myself a little better as I am officially burnt out. Apparently sleep and relaxing might help - I can't remember what these things are?
So while I work on fixing myself, figuring out what sleep and relaxing are, finding a balance, finishing my study and thinking about what blogging means to me let me know what you would like to see more of on the blog . 

See you in a week or two x



  1. good for you for taking time to work it out - this is your blog it needs to work for you first x

  2. I think you just wrote my next blog post

    Take all the time you need

  3. We love you Rach! Relax and take your time. I can come help you with any design if you'd like :)

  4. Take care! See you soon!
    It was a bit overwhelming wasn't it! Great, but its got my mind whirring 100 miles per hour.

  5. Thanks ladies, for your lovely comments,so nice to know there is support out there :-)

  6. Hello Rach! It was so fab to meet you and your partner in crime, Kim! I'm sad that you're going on hiatus though! But can't wait to see the brand spanking new do once you're back :)

    1. I was great to meet you too Jen, I wont be on hiatus long I'm already overflowing with ideas and need to start blogging about them!