Wednesday 10 April 2013

When Sweetie Pie came to Woodgrove - A Stuck on You Product Review and Giveaway

Once upon a time a baby was born and because the gender was to be a secret the nursery was decorated in neutral colours - red, black and white.  Then the baby was born and it was a girl! Then as time went by, pink (a lot of pink) was introduced into their lives however the Nursery stayed the same.  The room became a bit overrun with toys, books, more toys, more books and general baby stuff.   Then one day Sweetie Pie came along, a wall art sticker from Stuck on You.  Sweetie Pie decided her and Lily would like it better in a little girls room so it was decided a little girls room they would have.

Here is an overview of the room before we started....


DAY ONE....Changing the Wall Decal - Meet Sweetie Pie

Here is the wall art application - the process was super easy!  
It took me about 20 mins to apply the whole scene and what was great about the process was, that if you didn't quite like the position you could just peel it off and start again!

One little Sweetie Pie came along....

(Check out my levelling line! It's very hi tech I tell you!)

Then some other little Sweetie Pie's came along

Then it was a party!

 I really wanted to keep the original tree as its quite special, in that it was one of the things I remember from the time of decorating our little nursery and  I felt really sad thinking about taking it down I tied in the two decals together....

Lily also has a thing about bees - it all stems from the Bee Movie which she LOVES, really really LOVES.  So I added some bees to hang out with the butterflies.

So here was the BEFORE....

And here is the AFTER.......

It is a super easy process to order, you get to choose and preview your design before ordering.  There are lots of designs to choose from!

DAY TWO...Sweetie Pie said how about a book nook?


I added a blow up chair, cute cushions, some spice racks to hold books and a message to 'read'.

DAY THREE...Sweetie Pie said how about  updating those other walls?



So I changed her fabric photo board,  put up a dressing gown rack, put a height chart on the side of her bookshelf and popped up some bunting!

DAY FOUR....Sweetie Pie said how about tidying up some of those toys?


Tidying toys - this is where it got serious!  I grabbed some storage bins from the warehouse and popped her toys in those under her bed (which she found quick smart).
DAY FIVE....Sweetie Pie said how about updating the bookshelves?



Updated the bookshelves with some coloured hangers, fabric storage box changes and some of Lily's favourite things.

DAY SIX...Sweetie Pie said how about some lighting changes?

The lightshade cover is actually a tutu skirt from one of the dollar stores - it has an elastic band which fitted right over the lightshade - super cute!
And this cute little flower lamp will provide some light when reading to Lily at night before bed.
So what did Lily think about Sweetie Pie and her room makeover?
She loves her new 'stickies' and quite often I hear her talking to them when she is supposed to be asleep. The whole room is so much lighter and seems so much bigger with the light colours.  Lily also spends more time in there which didn't really happen before so that's been a win!

Lily with her 'stickies'

and some of her other faves, the lanterns and the book nook. 
A big THANKYOU to STUCK ON YOU for the inspiration behind this makeover!

For those if you who love to know where it all came from, here is the Room Breakdown -  I was also on a bit of a budget so tried to buy items that were a realistic price so if you feel inspired then you can buy them too.  If its not listed I already had it (but feel free to ask and I can try and remember where it came from!)

Sweetie Pie Wall Art - $49.95 (Stuck on You)

Check out Stuck on You

Google+ - Okey.
Instagram –

From The Warehouse -
Beanless Inflatable Chair - $9.95
Pink Storage Cubes - $4.99 ea
Plastic storage bins under bed - $10 ea
Flower light - $13.99
'read' letters - $17.95 (Typo)
Book Racks - $5.99 ea  (Storage Box)
Fabric to recover photo board - $9.95 (Fabric Vision)
Heart Cushion - $7 (K Mart)
Height Chart - $15 (Spotlight)

AND here is how YOU can go into the draw to win your very own Wall Art from Stuck on You -

Visit the Stuck on You Website and comment below which design you would choose for your very own room makeover or update.

Get yourself another chance by visiting the Stuck on You Facebook page and justalittlebitcute Facebook page and let me know that you have by leaving a comment here.

Lily will randomly choose someone out of a hat on Wednesday 17th April x


  1. Awesome work Rach, Such a wee girls room now!
    Id love the Sweetie Pie Wall Art that you have picked as well for lucy room. Its so girly!

  2. Cute! Love the spring garden wall art!

  3. I love the Spring Garden wall art, have liked both facebook pages :)

  4. Thank you for the inspiration, your ideas were cute, simple and affordable. Your blog motivated me to update my wee girls room and it looks great. cheers


    1. Hi Michelle
      You are the lucky winner - please email me at so I can get a voucher organised for you!

  5. Winner has been announced - see latest blog post