Thursday 12 September 2013

Fun Lunch Series Sponsors - ya yah design

During the Fun Lunch Series we have had businesses donate product for giveaways.  I thought it was time to share with you all a little bit about the people behind the businesses and also why they are passionate about fun lunches!

Helen lives and works on the shaky Port Hills of Christchurch NZ with her Very Supportive Partner, Beautiful Teenage Daughter, Cheeky Preschooler and a Mad Little dog called Zoe.
Helen started making Ya Yah Giraffes to sell, about 2 and a Half Years ago and in the last six months started making  re-useable Sandwich and Snack Bags mostly because Preschool banned Glad wrap and Helen just couldn't fit all the little plastic boxes in her daughters lunch box.  Helen decided there had to be a better way and started experimenting with different types of bags. 

Most of the ones she tried her daughter was unable to open on her own or too complicated to redo if putting stuff back in. So Helen made a reusable version of what she had growing up - the plastic sandwich envelope.
It worked well  so she made some for friends and tested them out. Helen made a few small changes along the way and now there are a great range of designs to choose from!  Check more out here at yayahdesign.

Sandwich and Snack bags are:
  • Great for kids lunch boxes or putting food in your bag.
  • Can be used to carry all sort of things from biscuits to baby pacifiers, popcorn to spare cloths.
  • 100 % cotton exterior and sewn in nylon lining so you can trust they are food-safe for your kids.
  • Just shake out the crumbs or chuck it in the wash.
  • Funky design kids love.