Wednesday 2 October 2013

its not you..... it's me (no really it is)

Its been pretty quiet over here on the blog and  it's not because I won lotto and skipped town , its not really that exciting complicated.

#Computer Crashed
Number 1....
My laptop had another meltdown ( I asked my I.T. Specialist/Hubby if it was because I used it too much and he said no (with I'm sure, what was an exasperated sigh) but I'm pretty sure most things give up when they are overused, underpaid and maybe not loved as much as they should be.  And seeing as I didn't have a computer I watched TV and I kinda liked it (but my IT Specialist/Hubby didn't like it, he's a bit of Remote Control Hog you see).
Number 2.....
You've probably heard me bang on about this next one already but life's pretty busy with a Toddler and I thought the Terrible Twos were a bit of a myth however this has changed quite considerably in the last month since Miss 2 turned 2.  There have been a few meltdowns and not all one sided, however after having a cry think about the whole thing and gaining a little perspective things have calmed down a bit there.  It's so nice to know I have support in this crazy ride that is parenthood and after listening to some wise words a few things have resonated and I have a few strategies that seem to be working (for now).

Number 3...
And then there is work, but work is one of my happy places. I'm  one of those lucky people who found a job that they absolutely love. At the moment it's all hands on deck to get ready for Xmas so that has been keeping me VERY busy.

Number 4....
And then there is the 'I think I'm a creative genius' curse where I have a million ideas in my head and sometimes it gets so intense in there that I throw up my hands in defeat and think I will try again another day. And sooner or later a day turns into a week which turns into a fortnight (you get the idea!)  I have one idea that I'm working on for future markets so keep an eye out for the updates and the reveal.


And finally....
 I decided it was time to throw out the excuses and to look after myself a bit.  The whole body image has come to the forefront, which I swear only happens post Winter/Pre Summer.  I don't want to be skinny - I just want to feel good, not tired and old(er) and I want to feel comfortable in a piece of swimwear that's not reminiscent of a burkha. So I'm learning the art of self control, embracing better food and some long awaited exercise.  Turns out I like the feeling of hunger - who knew??!!

So I'm not breaking up with you, I'm just gathering some thoughts (and speed) and working out a blogging strategy that works for everyone xx