Thursday 28 November 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Upcycled Suitcases

Last week, I did a post about Upcycled Furniture Ideas for kids, if you didnt see it you can find it here.
One of the ideas was a dollshouse made from a suitcase and it got me thinking about upcycling (again!) and suitcases.  Now I'm no stranger to an upcycled suitcase, having upcycled one for our wedding, as a cards case.  Super easy to make and handy too.  I still read the cards from time to time, brings back so many memories!

So it got me thinking, what else could you make from an old suitcase?  Well there's quite a lot of ideas but I thought I would show you some of the quirkiest ones (and the cutest of course)

For something around the house............

Bedside Table, Pet Bed, Breakfast Tray, Welcome Sign, Side Table

Some fun storage ideas...........

Dress Up Box, Craft Storage, Fabric covered cases, Dollshouse

I love the Dress Up Box idea......Lily is getting to that age where I could see us dressing up most days in something magical, one does look pretty good in a tiara you know.  The Portable Dollshouse is a treasure of an idea too. Below is a better close up, you can find the tutorial on how to make it over at Pretty Prudent. My brain really hurts with all these ideas... does anyone else have this problem??  What are some other ideas you have seen upcycling suitcases?

For more ideas and their sources head to my Pinterest board Upcycled Suitcases