Monday 24 February 2014

Monday Mashup - 10 cuties we wished we had when we were kids........

1. Felt! like these felt loveletter cuties
2. babybel cheese
3. Cupcakes & Macarons - even better together xx
4. Princess duvet cover - if we had, had one of these we might have actually married a prince?
5. Suitcase Dollshouse - did we even know about upcycling back then?
6. Funbites Cutter - this would have made a humble marmite and cheese the BEST sandwich ever!
7. Little Red Riding Hood - a fun lunch
8. Diner Playhouse - definitely an upgrade from the treehouse!
9. Pony Bicycle - streamers were cool but.........
10. Tablecloth Playhouse - forts were cool, but this would have been the next level