Tuesday 25 February 2014

Tutes Cute Tuesday - Fruit Kebab Cupcakes

Seeing as this week is the last week of Summer (if the weather is anything to go by, Summer is definitely drawing to a close), I thought it was appropriate to post this Fruit Kebab Cupcake tutorial where I made these super cute Fruit Kebab Cupcakes.

It was my turn to shout morning tea at work and I wanted to -
a. bring something healthy
b. bring something healthy even though I really wanted to take cake and something fun

So  I came up with this idea while out walking (my best ideas come at the most random of times and places), turns out my subconcious must have mentally filed a few of these fun with fruit ideas, but hey I like to think the idea is a little original with my own spin.

Start off with a few essential tools - cookie cutters, toothpicks, sharp knife, cupcake cases, chopping board.
Notes: Check your cookie cutter is a similar size to the base of your cupcake case so the bottom layer (which is watermelon) will fit into the bottom of your cupcake case.
Double up your cupcake cases as the fruit will soak through just one case.

Fruit - Watermelon, Rockmelon, Grapes - you can use any fruit really just adapt it to suit. Don't forget the Marshmellows - very important for not only the littlies but the big kids too.

Cut a slice of watermelon about 3-4 cm thick and then use a cookie cutter to make shapes, pop these in your cupcake cases.

If you are using melon fruit, think about which way you cut before you actually cut the melon - turns out if I had cut the melon lengthways I would have had more panels for shapes.  I had to improvise and cut some panels from half the melon (as I had cut the melon in half already) but if I had cut the melon lengthways to begin with, it would have been so much easier!

Thread your fruit onto the toothpick, layering with a marshmellow and grape topper.  Strawberries also make great toppers.  Marshmellows are also delicious and it is totally acceptable to eat them as you make these Fruit Kebab Cupcakes.

The finished treats, looking too pretty to eat!