Tuesday 3 June 2014

Tutes Cute Tuesday - 7 Cute Stitch Patterns & Tutorials

Seeing as it's an embroidery inspired week around here (Thanks to The Queen Stitch!), I thought I would round up some cute embroidery patterns and tutorials for this week's Tutes Cute Tuesday. I've tried to share tutorials of all difficulty levels.  I'm a bit of a novice at embroidery, and I found a few that I might even try, in particular the Vintage Button Flower Embroidery Hoop (I've got a stash of vintage flower buttons perfect for this project!).  There are many tutorials out there (like in an overwhelming type of way) to get you inspired, however if you have a few favourites that you have found in your travels, please share the link below in the comments.

Cat Lady Embroidery Patterns from Becky at The Pink Samurai

A Little Book Pattern from Mollie at Wild Olive

Mr Fox Free Pattern from Alicia at Arty and Crafty Little Things
Love Letter Embroidery Tutorial from Jess at Bee's Beautiful World
Vintage Button Flower Embroidery Hoop from Emma at Ruby Murrays Musings
Hello Sunshine Hoop Art Tutorial from Bev at Flamingo Toes
One Wee Home Pattern from Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches

Happy Stitching xx