Tuesday 17 June 2014

Market Mashup - Winter Encraftment Market

Well the Winter Encraftment Market was certainly the event to be at last weekend!  It was super busy right from the start, my sneaky plan to beat the crowds didn't quite go to plan. It was great to see so many stall holders and their handmade creations.  Here is a snapshot of some of the cuties I found and wanted to buy and I'm sure you will agree you want to, too.  Thanks to the lovely stallholders who I spoke to and caught up with, it was great to see you and to see you have such a great market day.

These bright coloured embroidery hoops and Pom Pom flowers caught my eye from Miss Mavis

These Story Stones from Jambalaya Handmade Crafts would make a great gift to encourage the kid's imagination, the illustrations were super cute with lots of characters, props, and settings.

I loved the little clay houses on driftwood from Creative Clay Studio so much, that I bought one.  And the cone brooches are just so Christchurch aren't they?  Who knew you could make them look so cute!
These wooden toys from Off Beat would be a boy's or girl's best friend for EVER.  They are super cute and so much work has gone into making them so.  The little features and details are what makes them so special (and cute of course!). 

These other cuties caught my eye in my travels and would have loved for them to have come home with me!
Pocket Toys from Ameliorate Designs, Hooded Bear Cowls from Les Pommes Rouges, Buttons from Buttoflies, Girl's Woollen Dress from Snippet

My fave purchase of the day though, was this Toadstool Cookie Cutter from Making It!.  Can't wait to do some baking with Miss 2.5 and create some toadstool cookies.

And the next Encraftment is rumoured to be Sat 29th November, you can keep up to date here.

Images used with the kind permission of Jen from Utterly in Love.