Tuesday 15 July 2014

A little crafty business....why it's been so quiet around here

If you've been wondering why it's so quiet around here lately (or you haven't wondered but are now slightly intrigued) I've been busy working on some crafty business.  Crafty business that has been rolling around in my creative brain looking for a way to break free.  Ideas and thoughts that have consumed some of my thoughts for quite a while, it's so nice to see it become 'real'.   

I've always loved the idea of miniatures and fairy gardens, they lend themselves to just a little bit of cute really don't they?  So while I've been concentrating on that the blog has been a little quiet (well actually non-existent really).  I can't multi task on more than one creative venture at a time, I can elsewhere but just not with anything that.  Go figure. Anyway rest assured I'm back, posting will resume as normal.

What have you done lately that's been an idea rolling around and you've now turned it into a reality?   Can you multi-task with more than one creative venture at a time?