Sunday 12 February 2012

Free Valentine printables bought to you by Kidspot

I am a huge fan of Kidspot ( I am always on there whether it be to get info from the Baby Guide on anything I need help with for Lily, new recipes to try out, enter a competition or two or trial a new product on Kidspot Social, its basically my one resource to do with all things baby, I dont go anywhere else as the answer I need is usually here!
I get a daily update and today they have found the cutest free Valentine printables from around the web, my favourite is the 'I like you a lot' poster from SaltvsPaper - check out their website over at  its just a little bit cute!
There are 9 free printables from around the web which lead you to some pretty cute websites (most links are in my Blog/Online store list to make it easier or head over to Kidspot)  that have either free printables or some for sale, either way they are all a little bit cute - Enjoy!