Tuesday 21 February 2012

One Year On........The rebuild

As the days get closer to the anniversary of the Feb 22nd earthquake, the media reports get a bit overwhelming about all the horrible things that happened that day, I feel as we all cope in our different ways, it is a timely reminder for us to remember or to celebrate something good and quite frankly it is hard some days, to think of anything good that has come out of it.  We all wait patiently and then impatiently as time drags on for EQC/Insurance companies to get to the stage where they can fix our houses/roads/streets/amenities, after a year of waiting and upheaval and deciding whether or not our land is green,red, blue or bloody multi coloured with spots! And then the rumbles keep coming to constantly remind us what we have lost and what we could lose. However recently I found something that made me smile a little and of course was just a little bit cute..........
I went into the Central City a few weeks ago with admittingly a heavy heart to see the new Re:START project in Cashel Mall and as sad as I was to see buildings around it that were still broken it was nice to see something new and exciting that had taken shape.  If you havent seen it yet check out the website to give you a bit of an idea.

I found Johnsons Grocers which is a just a little bit cute and bought some yummy things, so many yummy things!  If you havent tried Jaffa cakes you should! and I also fell in love with Toi Toi all over again, they had the cutest little wooden Cathedral in the window, they are always the place I go to for something Kiwiana if a friend goes to live overseas.  Our young friends got married in November and had some wedding photos taken in the new City Mall and they have kindly given  me permission to share a few of  them.  While its not the Christchurch we remember it's something we could definately learn to love, a nice bright vibrant city centre buzzing with lots of activity.  It will be interesting to see the rest of the city rebuild unfold.

Paul Tatterson was the Photographer and he did an amazing job, the rest of the photos capture all the little details and moments as well as the big ones of course.  Check out his website here: http://www.paultatterson.com/