Wednesday 15 February 2012

I heart wall hearts x

I have seen a few of these wall hearts around and about and in my recent copy of OHbaby! magazine I found the instructions to make one, one of my crafty projects next on the list (that seems to get longer and longer!) Its always nice to display your photos instead of them sitting on the hard drive waiting to be loved.
OHbaby! is like Kidspot and has a wealth of information about all things baby, check them out:

Wall heart

Create a mile of smiles on your wall with all your best snaps in one place - no photo frames required.

We all "heart" our families but despite the best of intentions, photos inevitably end up on the hard drive, unprinted and out of sight, or in a box collecting dust before they end up in an album.
     Here's a neat idea to get those photos out on show where they deserve to be. It's stylish, easy and, best of all, lets the family share memories of special times together. As an added bonus it's easy to update the images as your kids get older.
     The hardest thing is picking the first 57 photos to use because your kids are just so darn cute!

You will need:
  • 57 15 x 10cm horizontal snaps of your family
  • blue tack or double-sided tape
  • a ruler or tape measure
  • a pencil

How to make:
To start you need to mark where you want the middle of your heart to be, and mark where you want the top of the heart to be, using your ruler and pencil. The widest row is row three, with two rows sitting above it, so work out your central point, put a photo there, and work outwards - four photos on either side. There are 11 rows of photos in your wall heart. Using 15 x 10cm prints our heart was 115cm high, and 138cm wide at its widest point (allowing a 3mm gap between each).

Tips for your wall heart
  • Transition from darker to lighter prints across the heart.
  • Vary the images so you use some close-ups and some wide shots.
  • Consider the colour of the wall when selecting your images.