Saturday 12 January 2013

Fav. Blog of the Week

Fat Mum Slim is always a good read -  I recently read her '20 ordinary things to do in 2013' post found here:  

It is refreshing to read such an honest thoughtful post, it has inspired me to think about my own Top 20 list for 2013, I may even add her No.8

8. Sleep upside down
Before we had Lacey I kinda forced Hubby to sleep upside down one night. You know put your head where your feet go. He thought I was weird. But we woke up and laughed. What a way to start the day. {Seriously I might be nuts}.
I also liked:
Stop dwelling on the negative
I’m a thinker and the negative can often eat up more of my thoughts than the good stuff. I’m trying to stop dwelling and focus on the good instead.  
I so do this and really need to stop. I'm serious.
Embrace simplicity
My usual way of living is to say yes to everything and then figure it all out later. This year I’ve started thinking first, saying no sometimes and embracing simplicity. I find saying no really hard, but I find being stressed and frazzled harder. 
Must start saying No.  Hmmm it sounds quite good.....
Take care of yourself
Last year I saw an ace Naturopath who got to the bottom of a lot of things. Taking care of yourself might mean different things for different people; going to bed earlier, exercising daily, drinking 2L of water a day… 
Am going to ring the Physio, I am too young to be complaining of a sore back everyday!
Write a Thank You card
I just sent off a batch of 8 Thank You cards to people I know. I hope it brightens their day. I’m going to try and do one a week this year.
This sounds really cool, seriously who doesn't love getting mail???!!! (That's not a bill that is)