Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bloggers Connecting

This exciting event is happening in April, an opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers.  All you need to know (including registration) is found on the website:
and on the facebook page: 
I'm tempted I must admit, but a little apprehensive, a little fearful and feel a little bit small to hang out with the big kids but then I think it could be fun!  What I have I got to lose, but a whole lot of information to gain, some friends to make and a few insights. As Nike would say Just Do It!
What do you think? 

 'Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting'
April 12-14th 2013

This is a chance to make authentic and meaningful connections with other bloggers. A chance to ask some of those prickly questions and maybe a chance to up-skill a little bit.

Mainly it's an invitation to laugh, relate, eat, relax and be with other NZ women bloggers in a relaxed environment.

We can't promise you'll learn something new, we can't promise it will change your life, we can't promise you'll even love it - although we hope all those things will happen - but we can promise we are putting our hearts, souls and energy into trying to create a
(the welcome not the weather!)
and 'I get that you blog'
kind of weekend.


  1. Oh, I can so relate to feeling a little apprehensive! I'm nervous about saying something stupid to the bloggers I adore, yet equally excited about making new friends. You should come anyway and keep me company! We'll share a cuppa at the start and calm our nerves :)

  2. Are you sure your not psychic?! My thoughts exactly about saying something stupid but they are welcoming all bloggers big and small so I am going to go do it! I would love to share a cuppa. Have you registered yet?

  3. I feel like a little fish in a big pond. It would be awesome to have you all come, craft have a cuppa, chat and make a friend or two. No blog is too big or small!!

  4. Yes, I'm all registered, plane tickets booked ... no backing out now! Haha. You'll be the first person I seek out on Saturday morning then :) And ... if either of us say something stupid we can share a smile of understanding and a giggle about it.

  5. yay offsquare where are you flying in from? am in the process of registering, have sent an email re payment as can't quite make the $50 just yet. Thanks Mrs A for the encouragement and I also think I too, am a little fish in a big pond but eventually the little fish grow and get big :-)

  6. Flying in from Nelson. Yay! Can't wait to meet you. Just realised my name isn't showing here, haha. I'm Katrina. See you there :)

  7. Please don't be scared! We don't bite, honest!
    Really hope that you can make it, I can't wait to make some new bloggy friends.

  8. Hi Ladies, it's not long to go now, super excited to meet you all!