Monday, 14 January 2013

Quiet books...Shhhh

I have fallen in love with Quiet books (or you may know them as busy books) and also the idea of making Lily a quiet book. They are generally fabric or felt pages filled with busy or quiet activities for little ones to amuse themselves with.  Lots of interactive activities to keep their little hands busy.
Here are a few examples for you so you know what I am talking about:
Images courtesy of Pinterest - if you search 'Quiet Books' there a few images and ideas to inspire you!

Recycling + Quiet Books

 I came across a few quiet books on Pinterest that use recycled baby clothing. Lily is big on buckles, zips and clips at the moment so thought this would be an even better idea and if she recognises the clothes I'm sure she will be even more excited about them.

It will keep her busy doing what she loves + recycling the ever growing mountain of clothes she no longer wears = happy toddler + happy environment.

Now I did say I was going to take it slowly this year with new projects however I figure if i start now and take it slowly and not take anything else on (in other words I'm so excited about this one I don't care) and say no to a few other things then I cant get all tangled up and stressed out (it sounds all good in theory I know!)

I came across some really great resources from people who had already made quiet books and here are the links to them:

A couple of step by step guides on how to make a quiet book:

This page is AMAZING!!! Lots of inspiration, step by step guides and it's FREE!

Some inspiration for you:

Love this clips page developing fine motor skills:

Love the converse sneaker page teaching little ones how to tie laces:

Love the corn zipper page (check it out, you will see what I mean)

Love the counting petals page:

Where I found the inspiration for my recycled clothes quiet book:

If you have made a Quiet Book before or know of any great resources please comment below, I am as I'm sure others are, always looking for any inspiration or resources to make it an easier process.
Happy Crafting!