Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blog of the week - Imagine our Life

This is one of my favourite blog finds of all time, a blog brimming with creative ideas, inspiration and enough projects to keep me busy for the next wee while.  I came across Stephanie's (one super talented lady) blog when doing research for Lily's Quiet book.  And I got lost and came out 2 hours later and it was a bit like what happened?  Where did everyone go?  Why are the lights off?  Did everyone go to bed?  I'm sure you have all been there when reading blogs, I make sure I bookmark ones that I want to go back to later and when I have free time (seriously who am I kidding) then I go back and have a good read with the lights on.  Hope you love this blog as much as I do.

My favourites from Imagine our Life are:

The Sock Matching Quiet Book Page

Felt Valentine Play Set
Seriously too cute for words!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt Board

But wait there's more..........

Put it all together......

Happy Reading x


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  2. oh my these are gorgeous!! Love the socks one especially :o)

  3. I know Miriam, I am so eager to start this project esp. making the teeny tiny cute socks!