Wednesday 6 February 2013

Happy NZ Day

Waitangi Day or as I like to celebrate it, NZ Day, is a great day to celebrate all things kiwi. From Fantails to Eskimos, I have been searching the web and found some of our cutest icons whether retro, revamped or original.  Links below each photo will take you to the source.

Choc Fish Magnets, Lolly Mixture, Eskimo Magnets
For the lolly lover there are the classic choc fish magnets, eskimo magnets or lolly mixture like we used to get at the dairy.  

Chelsea Sweet Cushion, Kiwi Icon cards, Keep Cool card
Keep Cool til After School is a flashback to a childhood of afternoons filled with Olly Olsen.
Pohutukawa Cottage, Sunday Drive, Kiwi Bach
I love the Kiwi Bach print and although we didn't have a Kingswood we often took Sunday drives in the family Falcon wagon to the beach.  I wasn't a fan of the gravel roads back in those days but nothing sticking my head out the window didn't fix - although a mouthful of dust kept me pretty quiet!

NZ Icons Bus Blind, Kiwi Pavlova Canvas, Jandals Print
 I have always been a fan of the bus blind prints which are proving very popular these days, so a great alternative is the Jandal print.

Stamp Cushion, Stamp Heart, Stamp Pendant
 The vintage kiwi stamps are great colours and look great in whatever form they take, whether it be a cushion, print or pendant.

I would love to hear what your favourite kiwi things are, please comment below and share the kiwiana love.