Tuesday 12 February 2013

What would you like this Valentines Day?

a declaration of love?
the ultimate declaration of love

something hot and steamy?
Surprise your valentine with one of these sweet tokens of affection.Tea for two printable // Valentines Day | Shakeshakee
tea for two printable here

sweet nothings?

valentine desserts

something sexy?
Valentine Day

a letter of love?
Vintage love letter necklace: The ink will never fade on this love note. Your clandestine message is engraved on a small letter kept inside the envelope-shaped locket.

a bicycle ride for two?
#bikecrush #Vday

a surprise kiss?
my little ones

sparkling conversation?
DIY Handmade Candy Conversation Hearts

milk & cookies?
DIY #Valentines from the idea roomValentines Day

or would you prefer breakfast in bed?

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