Tuesday 9 July 2013

Announcing The Fun Lunch Series!

I am currently experiencing the trials and tribulations of the fussy Toddler, who will eat like a sparrow one minute and then like a complete monster the next. While I accept that sometimes Lily just isn't hungry due to teething, feeling a bit off or just not hungry, I have learnt that variety is the key. Although giving her the impression that Mummy will do anything to get her to eat is not really the impression I want to be giving. On the other hand I just don't have the time to make Lily a fancy lunch every day and I think she would have something to say if I took longer than 2 minutes (well maybe 5 she's not that much of a terror!) to get it sorted.

So with these things in mind I headed to the big wide internet world.  And I came across lots of ideas to make kids lunches – healthy, simple and fun.  And I thought to myself ‘I’m sure there are other Mums out there who are scratching their heads looking for kids lunch ideas so why not share?
So I have created the Fun Lunch Series! A series of posts that will hopefully definitely inspire you or at least give you a few simple lunch ideas to make lunchtime a little fun for your kids while keeping it realistic.

Firstly some general things to consider when making lunches for kids:

You can take advantage of kids' love of colours and make lunchtime a rainbow. Try new fruits and veggies that pop with colour, like yellow peppers, green grapes, strawberries, oranges and blueberries. When grocery shopping, let your child choose their own items in the produce section, kids are more likely to eat the healthy items they've selected themselves.  More on this in Part 2 - Fun with Fruit.

Dipping delight
Kids love to dip, and if they have a favourite dip or sauce, they will be more inclined (in theory!)  to eat all their fruit and veggies. Try packing a favourite dip or hummus for veggies like celery or carrots.

Sandwich fun
Sandwiches are the go-to lunch item for many parents. Try turning an ordinary sandwich into something special by experimenting with exciting shapes. Use cookie cutters to cut the bread into fun shapes and add a touch of colour with fresh fruits and veggies - more on this in Part 1 - Hamming up Sandwiches.

A little bit of creativity goes a long way
Kids can get bored eating the same food day after day, so don't hesitate to shake things up. Try Muffin Tin Meals and Bento lunchboxes with a bit of everything - more on this in Part 3 - Putting it all together.

Presentation counts
Kids love to open their lunchbox to brightly-wrapped treats. Whether you turn to Eco Sandwich bags or Bento lunch boxes, this fun packaging makes unwrapping lunch like unwrapping presents (and who doesn't love that!). Adding stickers and special notes can make eating even more fun.

Realistic Portions
Remember for kids and in particular toddlers don’t need a full adult serving, nor do they even need a half-adult sized serving in most cases. They have little tummies that fill up quickly! Start small and serve more if they are still hungry.

Fun Lunch Accessories
The other exciting thing about this series is that there are some giveaways of fun lunch accessories that will definitely add some fun to your kids lunches from these like-minded retailers who want to make lunch a little more fun too.  

So keep an eye out for Part 1 – Hamming up Sandwiches coming VERY soon……………..

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