Tuesday 16 July 2013

The Fun Lunch Series : Part 1 - Hamming up Sandwiches

The humble sandwich in my day was pretty humble.  And by humble I mean Peanut Butter or Marmite.  On a good day it was ham and chicken paste (the thought of this still makes me shudder to this day). Things have gotten slightly better in the sandwich department now that I am an adult but having a toddler has definitely got me thinking on the go about different ways to make the sandwich a little more enticing.
With Sandwiches as an easy go-to lunch item for many parents, it's important to mix it up so the kids don't pull the plug on your easy fix when you need to prepare something quick, simple and healthy for lunch.
Try turning an ordinary sandwich into something cool by experimenting with these fun lunch accessories -cookie cutters, sandwich cutters,  funbites cutters, sandwich bags and a little imagination with a sprinkling of creativity. 

Cookie Cutters
Use cookie cutters to cut the bread into fun shapes, add a touch of colour with spread like the stained glass window or create some cute characters with vegie detail like the teddies.  The possibilities are endless........(no really... they are, just check out my Hamming up Sandwiches board on Pinterest!)

Sandwich Cutters
Sandwich Cutters are a great way to spruce up a sandwich, turning it from average to AWESOME. There are a few variations - Sandwich Cutters. Lunch Punches or Funbites Cutters.  They basically do all the work for you creating something magical and you look like a superstar in front of the kids - it's a win win!

Funbites is a  a high performance curved blade cutter that quickly creates small bites and a matching popper top that pops out food instantly so hands are clean, food is untouched.  Check out the demo here of how it all works.  These girls are the daughters of the Funbites creator Bobbie Rhoads - way to help out in the family business girls (and super enthusiastic too!)

Sandwich bags
Sandwich bags are a great way to package the kids lunches as well as being an eco-friendly option at the same time. Helen from Yayah Design started making re-useable sandwich and snack bags when her daughters Preschool banned Gladwrap and it was hard work to get all the little plastic boxes in her lunchbox. Helen decided there had to be a better way and started experimenting with different types of bags and came up with a version of a plastic sandwich envelope.  We are so glad she did, as you can see there are some pretty cool designs to brighten up anyone's lunchbox.


 Using your Imagination

With a little imagination and help from Pinterest you can make all sorts with a couple of slices of bread and spread.  You can also disguise veges as being the super cool details, and the kids won't notice you snuck them in there.  Check out these cool ideas using a little imagination with a sprinkling of creativity.

Now you can see that the humble sandwich can be anything you want it to be and with a little imagination and a few handy tools it can be AMAZING!  To check out more ideas and all images sources head to my Pinterest board  – Hamming up Sandwiches

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