Saturday 9 March 2013

I heart Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are my fave, they are flat, cute and comfortable (most of the time). I have an extensive collection but they are starting to wear through and are looking a bit tired.  So its time for some new ones.  I have had a look around online because that's how I roll, well actually that's all I have time for but it sounds way cooler.  I have to say I was disappointed with the offerings New Zealand stores and had to go look offshore ( it could be the change of season).  Now usually I think to myself it can't work, my order won't turn up, they will send the wrong size, customs will hold them etc however with free shipping and super cheap prices plus ok exchange rates at the moment, I cant really lose and I have found some pretty cute pairs so shoe crush wins.

Polka Dot Cuties

Orange, Light Blue, Black, Grey, Navy, White

Neutral Nudes

Cream Quilted, White Quilted, Plain Beige, Perforated Cream,Walnut Tassel, Taupe Bow

Patterned Pretties

Ballet Bling & Brights

A little bit Animal

Happy Shopping x