Friday 22 March 2013

Free Friday

Free stuff is pretty cool.  Stuff that is just a little bit cute and free is even cooler.  Its my mission to bring you a free printable or craft tutorial every Friday - cue shocked gasps! What! Free? Really? Yep really.

The First one for Free Friday is something eggstra special from Mr Printables (who I am secretly in LOVE with by the way) 
Something a little bit cute for Easter seeing as it's just around the corner....

easter crafts for kids


free printable party favors bunny bag 2

easter coloring pages

Giant Easter Egg Colouring Page

I felt like we needed just a little bit more so....

Over at Bonfires and Wine I found....

Easter Hip Hop

And  lastly (I'm all egged out) over at MomoMushy I found these...CuuuuuUTE!!
Triangular Surprise Envelopes

Triangular Easter Envelopes


  1. Do like your free Friday - nice work :)

  2. Thanks Rach, I'm working furiously (well sort of) on another one!