Monday 25 March 2013

Muffin Tin Monday - Hoppy Easter!

So today's theme was Spring has sprung which is really secret code for Easter. And seeing as I'm bunny gaga at the moment with Easter it was an appropriate one to do.  I also had some tools today which made it a bit easier and looked a bit better than last week which I thought was a bit pants.

Here are my new tools
I bought some bits and pieces from The Warehouse all for under $10
Now for some inspiration....
Hard Boiled Egg Chick. So cute! Simple Instructions:
Hatching Chick Egg
Muffin tin meal - this would be a good dinner/lunch idea for kidlets.

Chicky Bento
Bunny Muffin Tin

And what I came up with....

Hatching Chick, Banana & Grape Flower, Luncheon and Cheese Hot X Bun, Bunny Pikelets, Carrot Sammies and Nest Egg Cupcake

And I couldn't just make one cupcake...