Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fun Inside Day Activity - Part 1: Forts


With the weather about to get all wintery on us (like we didn't know that was going to happen!)
I thought this post might be welcome relief for some.  Building a fort or hut is one of the top things on a kids list to do and when it comes to building one they are only limited by their imagination or yours.
The other thing about building forts, teepees or huts is they are relatively cheap - sheets, some rope, pegs, washing racks or furniture - things that are generally lying around the house or in a cupboard somewhere.
Here is a roundup of my favourite forts that I have found.  

Cardboard Fort
where the wild things are forts
Wild things Fort
Blanket Fort
Indoor tents and blanket forts
Marquee Fort
Floral Fun Fort
Sofa Fort

Hula Hoop Huts
rainbowsandunicornscrafts:    DIY Recycled Box Collapsible Play House from She Knows here. For more play houses and forts go here:
Collapsible Cardboard House

And if you need further convincing just take Joeys advice....

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  1. That sofa fort looks ace, like a quiet place to hide from cabin-fevered kids!