Monday 10 June 2013

Lets get the Party started - A Stuck on You Giveaway

Kids party planning can be scary daunting.   
My party planning can go a little something like this....



2. Pinterest binge

3. Procastinate

4. Pinterest binge

5. Start going crazy overboard with ideas

6. Get overwhelmed

7. Start getting it together


9. Realise it's not going to quite turn out how you planned it - cue disappointment

funny corn fail listed as watermelon
10. Manage to throw it together the night before

Well now there is help for all my party planning needs - our good friends Stuck on You have released their new party range which is pretty super dooper and of course just a little bit cute!  You can choose your product, then personalise it, choosing your own theme, party colour and font! Easy!

A sneak peek...

So in future my party planning will go like this-

2. Party DONE!

Head to Stuck on You's Party page
Select 3 products you would choose to get your party started
Comment below or on the Facebook Page (justalittlebitcute) which 3 Products they are
Winner will be selected at random on Monday 17th June
Winner will receive a $25 voucher to spend on Stuck on You's new party range