Monday 3 June 2013

What's for lunch? - Best of British

In honour of Lizzie's  birthday (well her pretend birthday) I thought it was a great opportunity to make Lily a British themed lunch. So cue inspiration and a Pinterest binge....

So shall we have princesses, princes, queens or a kings theme?
Little Prince, Princess Muffin Tin Meal, Queen Elizabeth Bento,
Evil Queen, Little Princess

The Best of British?
British Bento

Or a British TV Show, Movie or Cartoon theme?

Harry Potter Bento, Wallace & Gromit Bento

We decided on one of my fave things which is a High Tea, I feel its important to share these things with your children so they get to love them too. Lily got to share it with her friends
Zoe and Grace which she was very excited about!

Complete with Scones, Castle Sausage Rolls and Crown Sandwiches
The result....