Monday 3 June 2013

Market Mashup - The Great British Encraftment Market

The Great British Encraftment Market was on the weekend and it was nice to go along and check out what my fellow crafters are up to.  As always I am blown away with what they come up with. And slightly jealous in awe.
I love the cute designs of Craftylana's handmade cards - I loved them so much it took me forever to decide, I bought the oh baby card above and can't wait to give it to someone (so those 3 of you I know who are due in a couple of of you better have a girl!)  I also bought the cutest card complete with sewing machine and to be honest I'm not giving it away I'm keeping it for my craft space.

Bali Suga
The cute treats look good enough to eat but alas they are made from felt!  They would be such a great addition to a little girl's tea party, I can't wait until Lily is old enough where we can play tea parties and I will definitely be buying some of these cuties for the tea party collection.

I spotted these little Ninjas hiding at Ameliorate, just watching, waiting to jump out and say BUY ME!

I have a thing for wooden jewellery at the moment so when I saw these little cuties my heart smiled a little!

Queen Stitch
I have dabbled a little with embroidery hoops myself but never made any this cute.  Macarons and Cupcakes are two of my faves *sigh* what more could you ask for?

little Teapot
Its not very often you get to see something cool for the boys, so I was excited to see these Lego Block boxes.  Pop your Lego in the box complete with baseplate and carry it wherever you go - now that is handy!

Crafty Cake Creative
I saw these guys hiding in amongst lots of other cute things and thought what a great way to make something not so cute actually cute!  I love the floral fabrics (bit of a sucker for floral) and could see them brightening up someones day.

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  1. Thanks for appreciating my rats! Last year we gave one each to my daughter's Pre-school teachers. They said they were the most original gift they had ever recieved.
    Loving your Blog!